Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sugar Sugar... by Barbara (Ruth)

Ever had a sugar craving?

I don't mean the usual, mild, "gee I feel like a cookie" kind of craving. I don't even mean the more urgent "I have to have a chocolate bar RIGHT NOW" kind of craving.

No, I mean the knock-down, full-out "I need sugar, and lots of it, RIGHT NOW" kind of craving.

I have some kind of genetic abnormality that has resulted in a truly awful sweet tooth. I don't know ANYONE that has this problem to the same degree. I am a bear when my blood sugar gets low, and usually a piece of fruit or a sandwich will suffice, but sometimes, when I'm particularly tired or cranky, the sweet tooth must be satisfied. It's kind of like the vampires on True Blood. Sometimes the fake blood drink will do, but other times... a vamp's got to do, what a vamp's got to do!

For me, my craving can be solved by any of the following:

My niece calls this my "chocolate
syrup soup".
A large amount of ice cream, preferably with chunks of sugary crap in it, smothered in Hershey's chocolate sauce (not a driddle of sauce, but several large glugs of it), and topped with nuts and chocolate chips.

A bag of M&Ms. The big 1/2 pound bag. Plain or peanut.

An unreasonable number of Reese's peanut butter cups. (Like 6 or 8. And not the teeny Hallowe'en sizes.)

Enough sour gummies to make the inside of my mouth raw.

Oh heaven!
Cookie dough. You know, the Pillsbury kind that comes in a tube. I eat it with a spoon and it is truly wonderful. I've actually never made it through an entire tube, but half is definitely doable. (Incidentally, this is also good for late night chats with a BFF, especially when accompanied by tea.)

Don't judge. At least not yet. You haven't heard the worst!

When I'm on a health kick (like I am now), there is nothing unhealthy in my house. I don't have any of those craving-satisfying foods. Anywhere! (Believe me, I've looked, just to be sure.) But you know I've become creative over the years.

Corn syrup. It isn't just for baking anymore.
I have been known to eat homemade jam from the jar, drink maple syrup from the bottle (only the real stuff), make apple crisp topping (oatmeal, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon) and eat it, have a few spoonfuls of corn syrup (don't be shocked - it's basically liquid gummie bears), and root around in the brown sugar jar looking for lumps. I also used to make extra icing when baking, and leave the leftover in the freezer - it is EXCELLENT frozen. 

Thank goodness this doesn't happen too often, or I would weigh 500 pounds. But this week was long, and today was tiring - I succumbed (GW) at work and had 4 sugar cubes (cane sugar... soooo good...), and am trying REALLY hard not to have anything tonight. I was hoping that writing it down would take away my urge, but it didn't work. My mouth is actually watering right now, thinking about ice cream and cookie dough. And there is corn syrup in my cupboard, and a new bag of brown sugar too. But I'm not going to do it. 

I. Can. Be. Strong. (Mostly.)

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  1. Sometimes a spoonful of maple syrup can be incredibly satisfying. And it's so sweet, you really don't need much.
    The last bag of brown sugar I bought was full of lumps. It was heaven.