Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Ruth picked today's twofer topic and I thought I would take the opportunity to share the current favourite recording around our house.

Tyler Yarema is a Toronto piano player/singer. He and His Rhythm have been a staple of the downtown jazz & blues scene for more than a decade. His regular gigs on Tuesday and Saturday nights at the Reservoir Lounge on Wellington Street are a must-see if you're in town for a visit, and if you happen to live in Toronto and haven't been, you're missing out. The place has a fun vibe, great food and amazing acts all week.

Tyler's music is "jazz-blues man meets the Beatles" and set lists are comprised of tunes from artists ranging from Professor Longhair to Duke Ellington to the Beatles to Motown. The current cover of I've Just Seen a Face is haunting me right now and I find myself humming it throughout the day.

The latest recording features a stellar band of Toronto's finest jazz musicians. Michael Carson, bass, William Sperandei, trumpet, Jesse Barksdale guitar, Richard Underhill, Scott Neilson & Alison Young, sax, and some mighty fine drumming by Mark Marish and Shawn Abedin.

The album was recorded at Canterbury Studios over a very short time period and has that fresh feeling of a live recording. It manages to capture the party-like experience of  being at the Res on a Saturday night. Best of all, and perhaps most importantly, it's just plain fun. These guys make it sound easy and effortless. If you can listen to any of these tunes without getting up and dancing or at least tapping your foot, you have no soul. 

There is nothing quite an uninhibited as a child dancing. They have no fear and no shame. They can feel music deep down, in a way that as we age we forget how to do, and it moves them. This music is in no way designed or intended for children, but my kids have responded to it in a way that surprised us. It is currently beating out Raffi as #1 on our playlist. This recording gets them movin and shakin and I know you would love it to.

And guess what? It's your lucky day. You can purchase the whole recording, or just your favourite parts, on iTunes.

If you are planning a trip to the Res, let me know. I'll come with!

Tyler Yarema & His Rhythm playing an outdoor event on Canada Day, 2011

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