Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Amarilli, mia bella....by (Angela) Jean

Amarilli, mia bella,
Non credi, o del mio cor dolce desio,
D'esser tu l'amor mio?
Credilo pur: e se timor t'assale,
Dubitar non ti vale
Aprimi il petto e vedrai scritto in core:
Amarilli, Amarilli, Amarailli
รจ il mio amore.
Amaryllis, my lovely one,
do you not believe, o my heart's sweet desire,
That you are my love?
Believe it thus:  and if fear assails you,
Doubt not its truth.
Open my breast and see written on my heart:
Amaryllis, Amaryllis, Amaryllis,
Is my beloved. 
We've been working on a little science project here at Abelattanzedinio Homeschool.
Mimi, do you know what this is? 
A flower? Really? It doesn't look like a flower.
And this is the soil we're going to plant it in.  
We added some warm water
....and waited....
we had fun choosing things that would float or sink
and of course
the mud
in went the bulbs
Ok, now what?
We measured and graphed the growth, daily.
one stem even grew 7cm in one day!
Ta Da!
 (if you find Cecilia's facial expressions distracting, just close your eyes and listen)

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  1. Beautiful! There's something very magical about spring bulbs in the dead of winter. Love the graphs!