Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday... by Barbara (Ruth)

This is a silly post, designed to help brighten your winter Wednesdays.

(Speaking of winter Wednesdays, do you remember this?)


Last year it occurred to me that the uniform in my office had become somewhat weary, composed of shades of black, grey, or, on a colourful day, brown and navy. And so, being the somewhat wacky boss I was, I instituted Wardrobe Wednesdays from January through the end of March.

The idea was simple: on Wednesdays you got points for every bit of colour you were wearing that wasn't black, grey, navy, brown, beige, or white. (There were half points for shoes and accessories.) The only rules were that clothing had to be seasonal (i.e no sundresses in February!), and of course office appropriate. I was the judge (ah, power), kept track, issued special bonuses and challenges, and awarded gift cards at the end.

Here's a picture of the group when I issued a group challenge to wear the colours of the rainbow.

We got all kinds of wonderful comments over those three months. One day the bonus colour was red, and I remember watching a group of about 5 head to a meeting all decked out in fabulous red attire - it made quite an impression!

We were accused of being crazy, fun, and our favourite - "Fancy". In fact, "Step Up the Fancy" became one of our mottos as the year progressed, and I even found a poster with that motto and hung it up outside my office later that year.

Here is the photo of the winners:

You had to be bold and well, just a "little" competitive to win this thing. My blogging partner, Angela (on the left), snatched victory from Nicole's (on the right) hands by a narrow margin. And Carolyn (centre) wowed everyone on the TTC that day by being bright in yellow on a gloomy March day. She claimed third prize.

It's Wednesday today, and I'm wearing brown and grey. I'll have to do something about that next week. In the meantime, I hear the team is starting up another silly winter-blah-busting contest back at the office even though I'm not there anymore. What will you do to be wacky and add a little colour to your winter??

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  1. Guilty! I'm looking down at myself and seeing black and, uh, black. I'll try to do better next week!