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EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!... by Barbara (Ruth)

There's a basement reno going on (and on and on) at my house, and the noise that emanates (GW) from below alternates between migraine-inducing jack hammers to pounding hammers to silence broken only by occasional whistling.

Yesterday was a noisy day - all I heard was drilling, banging, and the creaking and groaning of old boards as they were ripped out of the ceiling. I went down to inspect in the evening, as I am wont (GW) to do, and found a huge pile of garbage in the corner of what used to be my "creepy cold room"(used only for storing gardening tools, outdoor Christmas decorations, and my bike). A closer look revealed insulation material in the form of dozens of old newspapers dating from late 1936 through the winter of 1937, and I had a bit of fun looking at all the pages. What an interesting time that was, with strikes, shipwrecks, the rumblings of war, Edward & Mrs. Simpson, murder, mayhem, and always, helpful tips for ladies.

Sadly, none of the pages was really salvageable due to damp rot, mouse droppings, and the careless handling of the construction workers. However, I did take some pics I thought you'd find interesting.



Wow, didn't I read something like that just last month? Some things never change...
An annual payroll of $150K for 200 people? You do the math.


Shame on those brides who are "too careless or too ignorant or too lazy to have
ever taken the trouble to master their profession."
I beg to differ! Ahem.
This is an ad for a laxative. Apparently you needed to use this so you could
avoid dieting during the holidays. So eating disorders aren't new then...
I love this ad because not only is this shoe pretty much in style again, but it proclaims the
benefits of the fur being on the "outside" of the boot so as to avoid "seaming against your
stockings and causing a ring". 
Although I wouldn't call these attractive, they certainly do hide figure flaws.
Let's bring 'em back
Madeline de Charpin was an actress in the '30s, and was declared the most
beautiful woman in Paris and in all of France.
How classic is this? 
Now this is fascinating... Gloria Hollister was famous for being a fearless explorer in the '30s. Among
other things, she set a record for ocean diving in a bathysphere, and discovered 43 waterfalls in
British Guinea (now Papua New Guinea). Read more about her here.

Mrs. Farrington (centre) was the housekeeper for Walter Fetter of Elmira, ON. She was tried
for his murder and is shown here accompanied by a warden and a guard as she leaves
Kitchener jail.
This was a front page update on the hearing of the mysterious disappearance of
Ambrose J. Small, owner of a number of theatres who vanished in 1919. His disappearance was never solved,
and his wife said only that she was sure he was "in the arms of a designing woman."

A shout-out to my own neighbourhood here in the Toronto beaches - Bobby Porter was a well-known athlete who played football with Balmy Beach club for 17 years. He also played junior hockey,and professional baseball. This is his
wedding picture to Dorothy McKean. The wedding took place here in the Beach, and the bride wore brown brocade.


I just think it's interesting that the late race results are worthy of stopping the presses.


Flour, anyone? 7 lbs for only 27 cents. Take THAT, Costco!


Read the caption. Nothing like being noted for "picturesque working oxen". Go Nova Scotia!

This very somber picture was on the same page as the photo above, along with ads for skin
care and the like. I found that odd.

I also found this interesting paper - a Finnish periodical mailed to one Emil Maki at
my address on September 19, 1936. I tried to find out more about him, and found his name
only on deportation lists. 
The banner translates (according to Google translate) as
"The only democratic socialism, the ideas driving the Finnish newspaper
in America." Perhaps this is why Emil Maki was deported.

I hope you enjoyed these 75 year-old snippets. Amusing, interesting, and darn good reading, they just prove that old saying, "plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose."

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  1. This is fantastic, Ruth. What an incredible find! I loved the articles about the abdication, and about weight gain with age. Ahem, indeed.