Saturday, March 03, 2012

Photography Assignment #7-The (Angela) Jean (updated with instructor feedback)

Some of you have messaged me saying that you would be interested in seeing the feedback from my photography instructor. I found his comments and examples very interesting so I decided to share them.

The latest assignment for my photography class was a creative assignment.

"Produce 13 photographs from the alphabet. The subject must convey a letter from the alphabet. Some letters will be obvious while others will require careful observation. Cropping (limited) is allowed, but no rotating or flopping the image. The images may be man-made, but not created to be that. Do not photograph a letter A from a sign and use it as an A. The observer should easily  recognize the object. Pictures that show you are looking and observing. Colour or black and white."

This was a bit trickier than it initially sounds, but I found it challenging and fun. My preference is usually to photography people, but it was a refreshing change to shoot things that didn't move.

Here are my submissions. See if you can figure out the letters. I'll leave a comment at the end of this post with all of the letters in case you get stumped.

  • All of the technical requirements of the assignment have been met.
  • This is an interesting interpretation. It feels a bit funny, because I think it is a support for an air conditioner. If it were really on this kind of angle, I would call someone to come and fix it.

  • Good use of depth of field.
  • Interesting idea. Not so much set up as the most unusual way to keep a grater. (I think he is suggesting I don't store my grater this way, but I actually do. It is lying on top of the hanging pot rack above my kitchen island.)
His re-edited version

  • This is an interesting idea. I think you need to increase the contrast in order to really make it work. This is one of the few times when you have a neutral, shadow and highlight that are all easily identifiable.
  • This works well
His re-edited version

  • This may be a realistic interpretation of this portion of the chandelier, but realistic doesn't always result in the best image. I think that if you lighten the image and change the black point you can make a far more dramatic image that makes the letter pop.

  • I think the image is good but not as effective as it could be because it is so dark.
  • This is a pretty good idea. I think that the composition could be tightened up. Withe the key part of the image is part of a circle I think you could make this stronger by cropping fairly tight around the clock. Essentially putting a circle in a square.
his re-edited version
  • I think due to the overexposed feeling of this image that it lacks impact. If you recover some sky detail and darken the shadows, the image is easier to read and more interesting.
  • This is a good shot, but the blown out sky is a distraction. I think you need to use some recovery for the highlights and then a little fill light for the shadows.
  • This works, until the weather cooperates with the real thing.
There are some very interesting interpretations in your assignment. If you go for the suggestions I
have made I think you can raise the overall quality of the assignment. Learning the numbers and
experience will make a huge difference to what you can get out of each file. Once you start to see the
possibilities of working in Camera Raw to get the most information and impact from each of your files I think you will find that you can make more compelling images than the standard camera jpeg.
I would be interested on seeing what you could find to finish off the alphabet. With more time on your
hands in the future I think that would be a fun assignment to finish off.

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