Saturday, November 05, 2011

Field Trip Friday-Episode (Angela) Jean

Welcome to the second installment of Abelattanzedinio Homeschool-Field Trip Friday. This week's adventure did not involve Public Transit, but it did involve a scenic drive to Hamilton, including a crossing of the Burlington Skyway; always a hit.
We spent the day with our cousins Hannah & Baby Clara, and Cora, the Labradoodle.
It was extremely educational, as every homeschool field trip should be.
We had lessons in engineering and locomotion.
It was Otis' first trip to Baby Clara's house, but it didn't take him long to find the toys with wheels.
After physics class, we worked very diligently on Performance Practice. Amelia improvised an interpretive dance involving balloons. It was riveting to audiences young and old.

Baby Clara was enchanted.
 Lunch was homemade pizza and cookies--Field Trip staples.

How cute are these pizza plates?
Clara doesn't like cookies at all.

 It was such a beautiful day, so following lunch, we resumed our lessons outside.
Flexed Arm Hang
High Jump
Hill Training
Log Rolling
Crawling and Staring-a combination sport
 And although I swore that stuffies were no longer welcome on FTF, they somehow sneaked into the car. I  must give them credit, however, Big Cat and Teddy behaved themselves this time. Mostly.

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