Friday, November 18, 2011

Field Trip Friday-Episode #3: Crawford Lake

I believe we learn as much from our failures as from our successes, so with that spirit in mind, I will share with you the story of Field Trip Friday-Crawford Lake.
Earlier in the year we purchased an annual pass to our 6 regional Conservation Areas. We made several visits to Kelso, and Shawn and the kids visited Crawford Lake, Hilton Falls and Mount Nemo, earlier in the summer. The Niagara Escarpment has beautiful scenery, with some of the oldest trees in Ontario growing on the escarpment's cliff face. 
Crawford Lake Conservation Area has several trails, one of which is an elaborate boardwalk that goes all the way around the lake. It's picturesque and fun. P.S. It's also quite slippery when covered in snow.
Ethan peeking into the Iroquois Village that we will tour the next time we go.

I thought it would be fun to go back to Crawford Lake and see what it looked like in early winter. (I was also looking forward to the absence of mosquitoes)

Today was a PA day for the local schools so our friends joined us for the trip.

Me:      Mimi, I have an idea. How about I interview you about our trip to Crawford Lake today, and then I’ll post the interview on the blog for my Field Trip Friday post?
Mimi:    I love it.
Me:      So....where should we start? Who came with us?
Mimi:    Ethan, Sam & Maddie!
 Me:      Anyone else?
Mimi:    Auntie Sarah!
Me:      Yep. That’s right. Did you enjoy having Field Trip Friday guests?
Mimi:    Uh huh.
Me:      So, do you remember what we did first when we arrived?
Mimi:    No. Well, was cold.....and freezing....and there was snow....and my hands were cold. Very cold.
Quick! Pose the children in the blinding sun and tell them to smile! Oh! And maybe if you make them stand by the school bus it will feel more legit!!
Me:      Do you remember anything else?
Mimi:    Hmmmm.....We had to find the blue trail! With the coloured trees to follow.
Run, Children, Run! Run into the icy forest! C'mon, it'll be fun! I swear!
Me:      Where did the path lead us?
Mimi:   To Crawford Lake. All around the lake. But we didn’t make it because we were cold....and we whined....and cried....and I fell down, and Maddie fell down on the slippery path....and Otis wouldn’t wear his mitts and so he was crying....and we wanted snacks but you wouldn’t give us snacks....but then you did. I had 2 bananas but my hands were still cold and I was still crying.

Me:      So it was fun then?
Mimi:   Yes. It was really, really, really super fun! Maddie rode in the stroller and I was on the buggy board and Auntie Sarah pushed us but we were sliding down the hill. Otis cried so you had to carry him and the big boys ran away.

Me:      Do you remember any things that you saw?
Mimi:    I saw a sign that said “No Swimming”.....and I saw rocks and snow...and other cold things. Mostly wind. Cold wind. But I couldn't really see the wind....but it was cold.
An informative and enthusiastic sign left by a previous group.
Me:      Were you sad that we didn’t make it all the way around the lake?
Mimi:    No, because I was cold. And I was crying. And Maddie was crying. And Otis was crying. And the pips-pot was very dirty, and the seat was cold and so I cried.
Tears, runny nose and frozen paws. Not a happy bear.
Me:     Yes, I recall that there were a few tears. But what was the best part of the trip for you?
Mimi:   I liked the van ride. It was fun in Auntie Sarah's van.

Lest you think it was a complete nightmare, I am still glad that we went. Sarah was a real trooper and kept my spirits up. It may have been a tad ambitious to try it on such a chilly day, but really, by January we’ll be thinking that -2˚ is quite balmy!
I want to go back again on a warmer day, or when we have enough strollers to fit all kids who might possibly want to ride at some point. I will also insist that Otis wears mitts. He hates mitts, but his hands turn all red and I can’t stand it. 
Well, there you have it. Field Trip Friday Fail. Sigh. Better luck next week!

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  1. too funny. what a great quick break from a friday afternoon at work. i'm still laughing.
    amanda stajan