Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday at Romina's (Angela) Jean

We spent a beautiful day, with beautiful people, eating marvelous food.
Romina and Francesco were amazing hosts, and even managed to have the house decorated for the season.

And what a house it is! Every time you turn around, there is another amazing treasure to see....these are only a few...
a hand-crank gramophone....and it works!
an electric organ
records galore
and coolest of all, the intercom/radio and cassette deck built into the wall

 At long last, we finally got to meet the charming LeoLuca
 and his little brother, Rémy.

 Once everyone arrived...
 we got down to business, and by business, I mean the best lunch ever!

chili peppers in oil

zuppa con fagioli
Barese sausage

grilled chicken with rosemary and lemon
 And just when we thought we couldn't possibly eat any more...

Romina's Limoncello Portamisu: Lady Fingers, soaked in lemon liqueur and covered in the most incredible creamy custard. I have begged for the recipe, but alas it remains locked in Romina's secret vault.

  Infine, un espresso.
Thank you, Romina and Francesco, for a fantastic day.


  1. Oh, my, goodness! have a gift for taking the most beautiful photos! I burst out laughing at the one of me and Rémy with his finger up his nose! hahaha!!! So perfect! This post is a treasure to me! I loved having all of you over and your stunningly beautiful families! What a treat! What a blessing! Thank you!!!

    Oh...and you made my wall radio/cassette player look so cool!! lol! I think you just may have convinced me to not change it!
    ; )