Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Manic Monday Melts.....by (Angela Jean)

Not everyone looks forward to Mondays, but we sure do.

Monday is the day when the Rascals and I have a standing play & lunch date with my friend Sarah and her daughter Madeleine. Sarah and I have been friends since we met in Grade 5, back in our hometown. We even lived together for a few years when we first moved to Toronto. Sarah and I had a lot of fun in that apartment on Winnett. I clearly remember sitting across the kitchen table from her one day, venting my frustration about the crumby guys I had been dating. I told her that I was done with stupid boys. I believe my exact words were "Why can't there be more guys like Shawn? (my good friend at the time, who was dating someone else) My next boyfriend will be exactly like him. If I meet a guy and he is not as great as Shawn, I won't date him!" (And as you've probably figured out, Shawn and I have now been married for going on 10 years). Sarah was one of the readers at our wedding. I was a bridesmaid at hers. Now, years later, and with 5 children between us, we live just around the corner from each other. Serendipitously, we are both at home full-time now, and we get to spend time together, weekly. Sometimes I shake my head at how things work out....I am so lucky....

This week's play date was at Sarah's house, and she had a craft planned for us. Since it's so close, and Shawn takes our car to work, we walk. When we arrived, and I saw how pretty the craft area looked I borrowed Sarah's van and quickly drove to our house to get my camera.

Sarah had grated some crayons with a rasp, until they were in little piles of colourful goodness.
The kids each had a rectangle of waxed paper, and dropped bits of the colourful crayon-shavings onto them. They used their fingers to create their designs.

Another piece of waxed paper was placed over top, and then newspaper on top of that. Sarah ironed the stacks, one at a time, with a warm iron (not hot!).

The final results were beautiful, especially when hung on a window, so the light could shine through.

I had to include this one because of its alarming resemblance to the MRI image I once saw of my own uterus. Perhaps Amelia was drawing it from memory?

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  1. LOL on your final comment there :^) The middle design is my fave of the three. -DP