Thursday, February 16, 2012

Photography Assignment #6-Window (Angela) Jean

This week in photography class we attempted to replicate "window light" in the studio.

We had 3 different set ups, each with it's own way of softening or diffusing the light.

Bounced Window Light
Set up #1 used 'bounced' light. The lights were pointed away from the subject and bounced off of the wall. A white reflector was positioned on the shadowed side of the subject to reflect some light back on the subject and soften the shadows a bit.
This is what it felt like to sit in the hot seat.
This was the shot I chose to submit for 'bounced light'.
Diffused Window Light
Set up #2 was 'diffused' light. The lights were directed through a translucent screen, and again, a reflector was placed on the shadowed side to reflect some light back on to the dark side of the face.
My best 'diffused light' shot
Glamour Umbrella Light
Set up #3 reflected the light up against an umbrella. The result was a flood of light coming down on the subject and enhancing the hair and skin. A reflector was positioned under the subject's face to soften shadows under the eyes and nose.
My best Glamour Umbrella shot.
Throughout the week I've been making a point to practice window light shots. I don't have any fancy reflectors or filters (I do have some plans to make my own...stay tuned), but it's been pretty grey and cloudy so the light has been lovely on it's own.

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