Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To Our International Readers... by Barbara (Ruth)

This post is a note of gratitude to our International readers. (And for our purposes, we do NOT include the US readers in that category. After all, you’re so close as to practically be kin!)

Barbara Jean has had readers from more than 17 countries around the world, and most of these have more than one page view, so that means you like what you are reading and are checking us out on a regular basis. You have no idea how exciting that is for us!

The top ten countries with the most page views of this blog are
10. Hungary
9. France
8. Ukraine
7. Germany
6. Singapore
5. United Kingdom
4. New Zealand
3. Malaysia
2. United States
1. Canada

We’ve also had page views from China, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Denmark, India, and Iran!

We would love to hear from you. If you are one of our international readers, please leave a comment! Where are you from, how did you find us, and what would you like us to write about next?

Vielen Dank!
Terima kasih!
Terima kasih!
Thank you!
Thanks, eh?

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  1. Although I'm not an international reader, you and I met in Europe. Does that count?