Monday, May 09, 2011

Things I Want to Do This Summer... by Barbara (Ruth)

Angela picked a cool topic for this week's "Twofer Monday" Blog. I like to think of it as a proactive version of "things I did on my summer vacation". Perhaps it appeals to the planner in me, perhaps it's because I'm so happy that warm weather is on the way. Whatever the reason, I like it! So here are five things I'd like to do this summer:

1. I want to buy a kayak. In 2006 I went on a week long sea kayak trip in Georgian Bay with Blackfeather Wilderness Adventures. We started out just north of Parry Sound, and travelled about 115km to Killarney. I think it was the hardest physical thing I ever did, given that 5 of the 7 days were spent paddling into strong winds (3-6 foot swells), and at night we slept on granite, with only a thin pad to soften it a bit. But it was beautiful - like traveling through a Group of Seven painting - and being a paddler (not a fan of motor boats, Seadoos, or anything noisy on the water), it appeals to me. So, I plan to buy a kayak for the cottage this summer, and spend time exploring the shoreline and finding the beaver dam. (Or mansion. With the number of trees decimated (GW) by the beavers this winter, the dam should be spectacular!)

2. I want to learn Italian. A few years ago I bought the Rosetta Stone DVD on eBay. It's been sitting on the side of my desk forEVER, and I haven't even cracked it open. Lazy, I guess. I have a good ear for languages, I love the sound of Italian, I have loved Italy each time I've visited, and I know I'll go back. Plus, it's good to learn new things to ward of dementia. It's true. 

Nel mercato di Rialto a Venezia.
3. I want to organize a block party on my street. I live on a cul-de-sac (dead end, really, but cul-de-sac sounds better) with about 20 houses on it. It's a perfect street for kids to ride their bikes and scooters, and for parents of said kids to sit outside together with a frosty beverage and chillax. There are a couple of families that I enjoy very much, a couple of, ummm... how shall I say it... interesting neighbours, and a whole host of folks I don't know other than to smile and say hi when they pass by. I think it would be great fun to organize a BBQ at the end of the summer - I've been saying it for years, so perhaps this will be the year to do it! (Kristy - they wouldn't do THAT in Burlington. Just sayin'.)

4. I want to get back into shape. I know, I know, I've said it before (most recenlty, in this post). This winter was, I'm sure you'll agree, a tad long. And due to some rotten health issues I had to deal with (successfully, I hasten to add), I was pretty much a sloth. A couch potato. A ne'er do well. But about 3 weeks ago I had an "a ha" moment when I realized I was better, and with the sun shining and spring bursting, I'm itching to get back outside and get healthy again. I will do it. See item number one above, and item number 5 below. Those two things, plus my gardening, my walking, and the abundance of fresh Ontario produce inspire me. 

5. Finally, I want to spend a lot of time here:

Doing this:

And of course this:

And this:

And just breathing in this:

Because this is the most wonderful place in the world. And it's full of the sounds and laughter and memories of these people. Even when they're not there.
The original six Hendersons, plus offspring

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  1. I love your cottage photos! What a wonderful place to escape to. Your kayak trip sounds amazing, although I'm not sure I could cope with sleeping on a thin pad over granite.
    Getting into shape this summer would be a good plan for me. And I've fallen badly out of the rhythm of writing this winter. I'd like to get it back!