Monday, May 30, 2011

What My Planters Say About Me... by Barbara (Ruth)

If you are a regular reader, by now you are detecting patterns in what Barbara and Jean like to write about. Both of us can tug on the emotional heartstrings from time to time, and we both love the occasional cooking and gardening posts. But Jean (aka Angela) REALLY loves her garden (hence tonight's Twofer Post Theme), whereas I am only just getting into the whole idea of gardening.

I bought my house 7 years ago, and I was determined to have a nice garden to make the house look nice. I didn't enjoy the gardening, the watering, the fertilizing... but I knew it had to be done so my house would have curb appeal.

Over time, I started to enjoy my garden, spending more and more time on it each year, figuring out which plants are happier where, deleting those that didn't cooperate, and coddling those that made a valiant effort.

This year, I am happier with my garden than ever before, and I know it will be a good year for it. But now I have to worry about the planters, which are like the accessories to any good garden. And in a garden like mine, planters play an important role of filling in difficult gaps. But I just can't be bothering fussing with them too much. I was recently at Sheridan Nurseries, and was SO tempted to purchase some of their "ready made" planters, but I decided that $50 - $75 (each!) was a bit rich. So.... here are my planters and "what they say about me". Try not to judge. Maybe in another 7 years I'll love them as much as I love my "regular" garden:

This one says that I'm forgetful. My clematis
did not last the winter, and I forgot to buy
replacements. Trust me, this is very pretty
when it has climbing flowers in it.

This one says I tire easily. I ran out of ideas
and threw the last few annuals I had into
a spare planter. God willing, this will be lovely
coleus and copious impatiens by summer.

These are my favourites. They say I am whimsical, and I like
pizza (that's basil at the back).

This one says I'm ruthless. If you can't be colourful and do
what you're supposed to do without constant attention,
then to heck with you. These pansies have been coddled,
and still look like crap. They are headed for the garbage soon.

This one says I can be merciful. This is my favourite old
planter and over the winter it cracked and the bottom
fell out. I could have thrown it out, but instead I put it right into the ground and planted
one of my faves (dahlias) in it.

And this speaks to my ability to copy. Every nursery
worth its salt has something like this one!

Most of the planters are out front, and will look gorgeous!
I just have to give it time. So I guess as a collective, these
say I can be patient. When I have to be. :)


  1. I love your favourite, old planter - and cosidering we all have a few cracks here and there, we still can be put to good use!


  2. I like the polka-dotted tea cup...:) And that reminds me...I need to get my tomatoes planted...

  3. I'm not much of a gardener, but I think your planters look cute! And I think you have much more of a green thumb than you let on.