Sunday, March 06, 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different!

Unlike my blogging partner and dear friend Angela, this is not my first blog. I started blogging a random, journal sort of blog a couple of years ago and kept at it for a few months. Then I started some to use for specific epic vacations. I started one for a book I was writing. And then I started to start new blogs, and they didn't get off the ground.

Enter Angela and her list of things to do (and I'm not mocking here. I love lists. In fact, my Blackberry has a list of my lists.). We share a lot of interests - music, writing, books - and often have varying opinions on those interests. And, we both do better at "stick-to-it-iveness" when we have a buddy. So, off we go!

I'm pretty excited - blogging has taken on more and more significance within the Social Networking sphere. In fact, Wikipedia says that as of February 2011, there were over 156,000,000 published blogs in existence. 

Make that 156,000,001.

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