Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Forward... by Barbara (Ruth)

I have to admit, I’m struggling with writing this blog. It was Angela’s turn to pick the topic for our second “dual posting”:

Angela: What do you think of “Spring Forward”?
Me: Sure, when?
Angela: The first day of spring.
Me: OK. (I kept hoping she’d change her mind, being a Pisces and all. Then I realized that's a Libra quality. Sigh.)

So now I’m confused. Is the topic spring, or is it spring forward and thus related to Daylight Savings Time? If it’s the latter, surely we’d have written about it last week. But if it’s the former, why include the word “forward”? And thus, being a very literal person, I am stuck, and have been procrastinating since I woke up at 7:30.

I’ve heard that for writer’s block, it is best to just start writing. So here we go. I am choosing the operational definition of the title “Spring Forward” to be “that which has to do with embracing the new season of spring and all that it promises.”

At this point I could talk about my garden and how excited I am to see the first evidence of new growth.
My peonies, coming back to life -  I had to move this shrub last year and I was worried I killed it! Apparently not. Yay!
My burning bush is getting ready to show off again this year.
Or, I could talk about the sun that hits my deck and how the neighbourhood cats try very hard to perch here, but are scared away by my own fierce Tazo.
Tazo, rolling in the sun this morning. Very fierce, no?
But that could result in a very long and dry posting. Instead, let me break “spring and what it means for me” down for you: leaf raking, hair cutting, pedicure getting, pansy potting, Easter celebrating, mood lifting, wardrobe switching, wardrobe hating, wardrobe replenishing, daffodil buying, bike servicing, hot cross bun making, patio opening, al fresco dining, freckle darkening, pallor lifting, robins returning, vacation planning, day lengthening, cottage opening, trillium blossoming, birthday cake eating, bathing suit buying, more exercise needing, energy returning, garden rearranging, and, of course, sunshine worshipping.

All in all, as much as I love winter, I’m more than ready for this new year, the promise of renewal, the regrowth and explosion of colour in my garden, and oh yes – the hot cross buns. 


  1. Ahhh, wonderful Ruthie! I want to share a favourite Spring moment of mine, as I've never ever tired of the feeling of taking off my shoes and putting my feet in the grass for the very first time each year. Happy Spring Ladies!

  2. Well done!! I love spring and all the possibilities for renewal and regrowth as well!