Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Games that We (Angela) Jean

At the end of my last post, I included a photo from when my family consisted of me, my Mom and my Dad.

This is just part of what my immediate family looks like now. We are a group of 19 and when we all get together it's a loud, mildly chaotic, nut-house. You know, in a good way.
One of the best parts of having a group of 9 children 10-and-under is watching them play together. My oldest two nieces E & K are masters at wrangling the younger bunch and coming up with elaborate ways to entertain everyone.
This weekend's activity was Family Olympics, but it reminded me more of the Feats of Strength from Festivus
During the afternoon we all caught glimpses of kids practicing random activities but we didn't know what it was all about until 5pm when the adults were summoned to the basement to be the audience.

The events were...well....unconventional.

Paddle Ball

Speed Puzzling
Castle building

These guys were a bit more interested in their own Lego Olympics.
After the events were completed, certificates were prepared and presented.

Amelia fist-pumping after receiving her certificate

The entire family even won a special award.

These are the days that family memories are made of.

"I summon the youth of the family to gather again at Easter 
to celebrate the games of the 2nd Family Olympiad"


  1. Love it! Although, keep in mind the castle-building feat consisted of a wine-making pail... are you turning them into CARBOY Junkies? HAH!!!


  2. Now THOSE are events!!

  3. The Mom in me wants to suggest the next Olympic events as bed making, table setting and clothes hanging, but some how I don't think the kids would like that :) Sounds like you had a super fun birthday!